Gather Around the Table

Enchant your eyes.

Befriend the unexpected.

Globe-trot with the twist of a fork.

We specialize in belly-bliss.

We do ice cream sorcery, heart-inebriation, humble and OMG.

Every event is special to us.

Favorite Menus

Ladies Who Lunch


with Blistered Tomatoes, Pickled Dates & Spiced Almonds


with Honey, Chili, Feta & Basil


with Cinnamon, Mint, Plum Tomatoes & Apricot-Wine Reduction


with Raspberries & Orange Oil

Stand-Up Soiree


with Caramelized Onions, Feta & Fig Balsamic


with Pan-Burst Tomatoes, Cumin, Burrata & Basil Oil


with Dill, Cilantro & Coconut-Lemongrass Broth


with Shaved Fennel Salad, Pecorino & Pomegranate


with Honey, Sichuan Sauce & Sesame-Pumpkin Puree


with Cardamom, Dark Chocolate & Raspberries

Big Night


with Mojo Vinaigrette & Espresso-Bacon Candy


with Smoked Sauerkraut Broth, Cress & Chili Oil


with Toasted Corn, Thai Basil, Squid, Coconut & Kaffir Lime Broth


with Dates, Tamarind, Rosemary-Parsnips & Gruyere


with White Chocolate & Pumpkin Seed Brittle

"Bre is a rock star at creating flavor mash-ups."

She combines and layers many flavors into one cohesive drool-worthy experience that, for me, results in not being able to get the fork to my mouth fast enough, no matter how quickly I’m shoveling it in. How does she do it? I’m not sure. But I imagine it is both fearlessness and heart. You can taste the love Bre has for food in every single bite. They are bites you don’t want to miss!

– Deb

“Our guests are still talking about the amazing presentation, creative delicacies and overall fun that they had with you and the Bites by Bre team."

You were an amazing part of the success of this year’s event. I truly hope you’ll reserve next year’s date. We can’t imagine having the event without you!

– Sheri

"For over a year now we have been sampling the creations by Bre at her [Wayland Square] tastings..."

Her dishes are always creative, fresh and innovative, but most of all intensely satisfying. Thank you Bre for inspiring good conversation over delicious food, you’ve helped in creating a community!

– Mark

"Your menu of amazing offerings were delicious and thoughtfully presented"

I deeply appreciate your willingness to meet our changing needs. You brought so much grace to this process, delivered a truly terrific product, and made our event seem as if it were made by magic.

– Jennifer

"Bre has an amazing gift of transferring her kind-hearted personality, spirit and love through to her food."

I have tried many of her dishes and am consistently blown away with the quality and flavors she presents. I especially adore her delicious vegetarian dishes, my favorite being her super fresh zucchini fettuccine. Definitely try every morsel you can get your hands on.

– Elizabeth

"Bre’s food was incredible. Every guest raved about the dishes she made."

You can tell she pours her heart in to her cooking. She is very creative and talented. The flavor combinations were perfect. I would and I will recommend Bre to anyone looking for a wonderful catering experience.

– Scott

"Every meal made by Bre is a delicious and delightful surprise."

I am continuously amazed at the creative range of her cuisine, as well as her visual presentations. Bre is an artist in the kitchen. I eagerly look forward to tasting (experiencing) each new dish. Bre is bravely adventurous in her culinary compositions; combining ingredients that most chefs would never dream of…combinations that excite the palate, warm the soul and are worthy of enthusiastic conversation and sharing.

– David

"My first food memory of Bre is a summer salad with shaved, pickled watermelon rind – a flavor & texture explosion of fireworks in my mouth in the best possible way."

That first bite embodies her culinary point of view: hit all the notes on you palate in a harmonious chord, yet expect each subsequent forkful to be slightly different and new. Many, many meals later she continues to surprise and delight. And yet, for all her creative energy and talent she is one of the easiest people you’ll ever work with. You should absolutely invite her do right by you.

– Alan

Customized Collaboration


Let’s tell a story. Food will be our medium.

We’ve simulated the 60’s, brought diners to “Paris”, sanctified special ingredients, and projected impressionist artwork onto the plate. Spark our artistry and let’s dream big. Once-in-a-lifetime evenings are our calling card.

Woah! This Sounds Amazing!

Wait, Don’t I Know You From Somewhere?

Yes! And, we LOVE getting this question. For three years, Bites by Bre held artistic residency at The Olive Tap’s acclaimed, friday night Tasting Events (Wayland Square, Providence). During this time, we imagined and executed 138 unique pop-up menus, and were honored by a dedicated statewide following. Seriously, the lovefest was unreal.

We adore being a part of the Rhode Island food scene, and have been lucky enough to support some truly fantastic causes, such as the Providence Preservation Society, the Pawtucket Arts Festival, the American Liver Foundation, Barnaby Castle and Save the Bay. We’ve catered elaborate dinners, zany theme parties, galas, and many sunsets. We’ve been humbled by the difference between feeding a crowd and nourishing a community.

We are living in a time of creative bliss. We’re writing a cookbook, planning Sunday Suppers, collaborating with some remarkable Providence organizations, and dreaming up new, tasty magic. We want to share ALL of this with you (we’ve got excitement to spare).

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