Date Night Delivered is a beacon of normal


a dose of calm

a mouthwatering escape

a dreamy (dare we say sexy) bookend to your week


Every week, we reveal a different menu, crafted from our passion to dazzle palates, cook with love, and telepathically anticipate whatever feelings you need to eat through. We hope that each bite, executed with both a respect for traditional comfort fare and wild fusion creativity, will in turn make you feel both transported and soothed.

How it Works

Because our Spidey sense is that planning far into the future gives people a bit of anxiety right now, we post our menus and ticketing link just a few days in advance of the Friday delivery, (typically Tuesday morning.) You can purchase a 3-course meal in any amount. Like, one meal, if your date night “plus one” is your cat, your Netflix queue or your favorite book. (We got you, solo shut-in champions! You probably need the most love of ALL.) Or, you can purchase 2-6 tickets if your home is buzzing. 

As always, delight in the vibrant, jewel-toned flowers that peek from EVERY delivery bag. We think Fridays are worth celebrating.

We offer doorstep drop-off to Providence homes, and pickup at our kitchen (11 Aleppo Street, Providence, RI) for those who live in other parts of the state.

Gifting to a hard-working doctor, nurse or essential worker is HIGHLY welcome. On the honor system, just use the code NotAllHeroesWearCapes for a 20% discount.

“Our guests are still talking about the amazing presentation, creative delicacies and overall fun that they had with you and the Bites by Bre team."

You were an amazing part of the success of this year’s event. I truly hope you’ll reserve next year’s date. We can’t imagine having the event without you!

– Sheri

"For over a year now we have been sampling the creations by Bre at her [Wayland Square] tastings..."

Her dishes are always creative, fresh and innovative, but most of all intensely satisfying. Thank you Bre for inspiring good conversation over delicious food, you’ve helped in creating a community!

– Mark

"Your menu of amazing offerings were delicious and thoughtfully presented"

I deeply appreciate your willingness to meet our changing needs. You brought so much grace to this process, delivered a truly terrific product, and made our event seem as if it were made by magic.

– Jennifer

"Bre has an amazing gift of transferring her kind-hearted personality, spirit and love through to her food."

I have tried many of her dishes and am consistently blown away with the quality and flavors she presents. I especially adore her delicious vegetarian dishes, my favorite being her super fresh zucchini fettuccine. Definitely try every morsel you can get your hands on.

– Elizabeth

"Bre’s food was incredible. Every guest raved about the dishes she made."

You can tell she pours her heart in to her cooking. She is very creative and talented. The flavor combinations were perfect. I would and I will recommend Bre to anyone looking for a wonderful catering experience.

– Scott

"Every meal made by Bre is a delicious and delightful surprise."

I am continuously amazed at the creative range of her cuisine, as well as her visual presentations. Bre is an artist in the kitchen. I eagerly look forward to tasting (experiencing) each new dish. Bre is bravely adventurous in her culinary compositions; combining ingredients that most chefs would never dream of…combinations that excite the palate, warm the soul and are worthy of enthusiastic conversation and sharing.

– David

"My first food memory of Bre is a summer salad with shaved, pickled watermelon rind – a flavor & texture explosion of fireworks in my mouth in the best possible way."

That first bite embodies her culinary point of view: hit all the notes on you palate in a harmonious chord, yet expect each subsequent forkful to be slightly different and new. Many, many meals later she continues to surprise and delight. And yet, for all her creative energy and talent she is one of the easiest people you’ll ever work with. You should absolutely invite her do right by you.

– Alan

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Meet Your Chefs

Bre Goldsmith

Bre Goldsmith is a talented, young, Providence-based chef who only recently (and nearly accidentally), began sharing her long-cultivated passion for food with the world. In 2014, while working part-time Providence’s culinary destination shop The Olive Tap, she was asked to stand in at the last minute for a chef’s tasting event. Delighted by the opportunity, Bre re-invented the menu, and, perhaps most surprising to her, garnered enough enthusiasm to permanently helm the weekly dinner series. Throughout this three-year residency, Bre executed hundreds of original recipes, and transformed this meekly-attended gathering into a frequently sold-out, standing-room-only culinary event attended by a dedicated state-wide following.

Categorizing a dining experience with this fashion designer turned music journalist turned author turned chef is a wonderful challenge, for Bre’s culinary voice is, similar to her background, a holistic culmination. Her meals are best experienced one bite at a time, with anticipation of harmony, artfulness, surprise, and an understanding that where ingredients and techniques originate in the world matters far less than how one experiences them together.

As Rhode Island “secrets” are a misnomer, gourmands are craving more from this self-taught chef, who loyal diners hail as responsible for “creating a culinary community,” and “redefining their experience of humble ingredients.” In 2015, Bre founded the aptly-named Bites by Bre: a catering company and weekly meal delivery service that provides inspired, personalized, fork-ready dinner solutions directly to clients’ doorsteps. Bre also crafts for the acclaimed Ocean State Oyster Festival, the Providence Preservation Society, Barnaby Castle, the Pawtucket Arts Festival, the American Liver Foundation’s Flavors Event and food pop-ups around the city.

Jacob Rosen

By the age of 22, Chef Jacob Rosen had already cooked (and eaten) his way across New York, Denver, England (Tante Marie Culinary Academy), Italy, Peru and Cambodia. A student of the Culinary Institute of America and a graduate of Johnson & Wales University, Jacob settled in Rhode Island in 2017, where Instagram quickly labeled him “one to watch” in the local industry.

Inspired by his hero, Anthony Bourdain, Jacob has a passion for lesser-known ingredients, international cuisine, and rustic dishes prepared with heart. His food is grounded in fine cooking and old-world method, but always imbued with modern imagination and a fusion twist, drawing on his world travels.

When not in the kitchen, Jacob is likely supporting a friends’ budding food business, scouting farmers’ markets, discovering a new vegetable or microgreen and then inventing a delicious way to celebrate it. It is this creative hunger that makes Chef Jacob an energizing force in the kitchen: one that can take a fridge seemingly filled with nothing, transform it into a palate-dazzler, and then plate it with an artistic vision well beyond his years.

Since joining Bites by Bre in June, 2019, Jacob has crafted or put his personal spin on many dishes that have become fan-favorites. Eager diners can taste these creations through Bites by Bre Meal Delivery, catered events, and our In the Round dinner series.